Maine Marijuana & CBD Oil – Is it Legal?

The CBD oil Mainecustomers are buying is aiding a nationwide trend of purchasing CBD. CBD has been gaining a lot of praise and recognition as a late for its potential to bring balance to both the body and mind. But, despite itsgrowing popularity many people are still unfamiliar the specifics of CBD like what it is and what it can, if CBD is legal in Maine or if marijuana is legal in Maine or what the difference between marijuana and CBD is. Fortunately, this article will explain everything. 

What Is CBD? What’s The Buzz

Potential CBD oil Maine users show know what CBD is for the same reason anyone should know what any product they are consuming into their body is. CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive Phytocannabinoid discovered in cannabis in 1940. Phytocannabinoid is a fancy scientific way to say the cannabinoid is naturally occurring or not created in a lab or with artificial enhancements. 

CBD is popular because unlike it’s famous counterpart, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD is non-psychoactive. This means CBD will not get you “high,” since it is in fact, THC that creates the sensation of being “high” in users. Furthermore, CBD will also not show up on a drug test. When it comes to CBD oil, Maine residents who want the similar benefits of medical marijuana without any of the mind-altering effects will find it a great product to try.

Hemp Vs. Marijuana

What’s The Difference?

Why should you know the difference between hemp and marijuana? Because, CBD can be derived from either! Most people believe that hemp and marijuana are the same thing but in fact the differ in not only appearance, but in their effects, and potential uses.

CBD derived from hemp has high levels of CBD and very small amounts of THC. The oil comes from extracting oil from hemp seeds. Marijuana-derived CBD oil, on the other hand, has higher levels in THC. Marijuana-derived CBD oil can cause mind-altering effects and comes from extracting oil from the marijuana plant’s flowers.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Maine?

In the beginning of this article I stated that the CBD oil Mainecustomers are buying was adding on to a nationwide trend. If Maine residents are buying CBD oil that must mean it’s legal, right? Right! There is no trick there CBD oil is legal in Maine. In fact, CBD oil is legal in all 50 states. 

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill which was signed by Donald Trump in December of that year made hemp farming legal in the states. As long as the hemp being cultivated and produced contains less than 0.3% THC, it can be sold.Above 0.3% THC, the products can technically be classified as marijuana. This means that CBD is legal in Michigan but consumers should make sure the CBD they are purchasing is hemp-derived and stays below 0.3% THC. 

Maine Marijuana Dispensaries

Maine is one of the minority states that gives its residents everything: medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, and CBD. When it comes to purchasing of the products, all things are not equal. Maine marijuana dispensaries are tricky. Though there are many medical marijuana dispensaries operating in the state, there are none open for recreational sale yet. 

This is because Maine’s anti-cannabis governor Paul LePage keeps delaying the opening of Maine marijuana dispensaries. Since the “An Act to Legalize Maine Marijuana” was already passed, the opening of recreational stores is inevitable, even as much as the Governor tries to fights against it. Those wanting an easy way to look up Maine marijuana dispensaries can use Pot Guide.

Maine Medical Marijuana Card

Obtaining amedical marijuana card in Maineis a tedious but necessary process. Without a an official Maine medical marijuana card of MMC, residents cannot purchase medical marijuana. Most states require their residents to fill out an application and pay an application fee, go to a certified physician and have them sign off that the patient has a qualifying condition which may be benefited from medical marijuana. Then the application must be submitted and approved. 

Often a patient is notified within 15 business days whether it was accepted or rejected. To find out more about the specifics on applying to for a Maine medical marijuana card or to learn more about the Maine medical marijuana program, residents are encouraged to visit

  • Panic Disorder

    Bouts of anxiety that is usually accompanied by intense physical symptoms like heart palpitations, chest restrictions, and nausea

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

    Recurring behaviors (compulsions) paired with uncontrollable recurring thoughts (obsessions)

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

    Stress and fear that are brought on frequently and without reason or cause

  • Social Phobia

    An intense and irrational fear of interacting and socializing with others

  • Depression

    Prolonged feelings of intense despair and sorrow

CBD Edibles

Maine users who want a flavorful way to consumer CBD will be interested in CBD edibles. Edibles are exactly what they sound like they are CBD that is edible. Edibles can come in a wide variety of ways: chocolates, brownies, gummies and more. They are among of the most popular CBD porducts on the market.

Medix CBD offers a diversifying collection of CBD edibles: gummy bears, sour gummy worms,  sour gummy bears, and rainbow bites. Though edibles are small the amount of CBD they contain should not be underestimated. Edibles hold their worth just as well as any other CBD product. As a result, Medix CBD only recommends 2-3 edibles a day to get someone going.

CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures

CBD hemp oil tinctures are beneficial for a wide variety of reason. Since hemp oil tinctures often come with droppers attached to the lip of the bottle, it allows users to control the exact amount of CBD their consuming. CBD oil Maine users who enjoy experimental cooking can easily mix CBD into foods and beverages with tinctures.

The CBD hemp oils that Medix CBD sells are engineered with a 1 ml dropper that allows for a smooth and effortless way to measure the CBD. All hemp oils that Medix CBD offers are not only 100% natural but they are gluten-free, vegan, and 100% THC-free.

CBD Hemp Oil Creams

Chronic pain as defined by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, is pain that lasts for several months and falls outside the category of “normal healing.” Results from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey show that about 25.3 million U.S. adults had pain every day for the previous 3 months and nearly 40 million adults had severe pain.

People suffering from chronic pain should give CBD hemp oil creams a try. Creams are emerging as one of the leading pain relief products on the market since they allows users to target specific pained areas of the body. Medix CBD sells two hemp oil topicals: a cream and a lotion. Both run on smoothly and easily and costumer testimonials will vouch that Medix topicals are sure to provide relief.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Maine?

When it comes to CBD oil, Maineresidents only need to go online and hit purchase. Often obtaining medical marijuana comes with a slew of prerequisites:  fill a form, pay a fee, visit a doctor, wait for approval and so forth. With similar medical benefits CBD products can be purchased without a prescription and delivered directly to your door to companies like Medix CBD.

Medix CBD is among the top sellers of all things CBD with the main goal of protecting the industry with quality. Alongside 100% THC-free and 100% natural premium quality CBD hemp oil, Medix CBD sells edibles, vapes,  creams, lotions, and even tinctures for pets.

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