Delaware Marijuana & CBD Oil – Is It Legal & Where to Buy

If you’re a health nut, you may have noticed a new product infiltrating the mainstream media as of late: CBD. CBD is gaining attention for its large potential to ease numerous ailments like depression, chronic pain, and even cancers. Identified by The Washington Post as “the new ‘it’ drug,” the question everyone is asking is: what is CBD? Interested CBD oil Delaware users are no exception to the curiosity sweeping the nation. This article will not only answer what is CBD and is CBD legal in Delaware, but it will also touch on Delaware marijuana legalization and why the phrase Delaware marijuana differs from the phrase Delaware medical marijuana.

What Is CBD? What’s The Buzz

CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive chemical compound that occurs naturally in cannabis. Alongside CBD, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive chemical component associated with marijuana, is another popularly known component of cannabis. CBD is circulating the states as a cure-all to a variety of illness: rare forms of epilepsy, chronic pains, nausea, anxiety, depression, insomnia and that’s only naming a few. 

What’s good about CBD is alongside numerous health benefits it can also be taken in different ways. You can drink it as a CBD oil/tincture, you can smoke it as a vape, spray it, eat it in gummy form, drop it as a bath bomb, rub it as a cream or lotion, and you even give it your pets

Hemp Vs. Marijuana

What’s The Difference?

Many people confuse hemp and marijuana as the same thing because they both stem from the cannabis family of plants. Aside from this shared similarity, the two are vastly different. The biggest difference between hemp and marijuana (aside from their extraction processes) lies in their uses.

Marijuana contains a high level of THC, the chemical compound that produces a “high” feeling and it can only be used medicinally or recreationally. CBD oil derived from marijuana comes from the plant’s flowers. Hemp, on the other hand, contains a low THC ratio and is more diverse. Hemp can be used not only medicinally but also industrially. Hemp has a long history in human hands dating back to ancient civilizations when it was to make clothing, art, and later canvas or ropes for ships. CBD derived from hemp oil comes from extracting oil from hemp seeds.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Delaware?

So now that you know the difference between hemp and marijuana, what is CBD oil and why people are going crazy for it, it’s time to answer is CBD legal in Delaware? Unfortunately, the answer is tricky.

The legality ofCBD oil in Delawaredepends on how the CBD is derived. Thanks to the2018 Farm Bill,  hemp was removed from the Controlled Substance Act and stop being classified as marijuana. Hemp, that contained less than 0.3% THC,  became legal in all 50 states. So, is CBD legal in Delaware? Yes, as long as it’s derived from hemp. Unlike most states which require THC levels in CBD to be under 0.3%, Delaware allows for CBD to have up to 0.7% THC. Anything above 0.7% THC will be considered marijuana.

Delaware Medical Marijuana Dispensary

In compliance with the Delaware medical marijuana laws, qualified Delaware residents (those who have submitted their application and obtained an official Delaware Medical Marijuana Card) may purchase marijuana for medicinal use at an authorized Delaware medical marijuana dispensary.  

Three popular dispensaries include First State Compassion Center North, First State Compassion Center South, and Columbia Care Delaware. First State Compassion Center, as the name suggests, was the state of Delaware’s first “compassion center” or marijuana dispensary. Medical marijuana cards (MMC) must be renewed so if you obtained a card a while back, it’s important to make sure it is still valid. Renewing MMCs are similar to obtaining a first time MMC. Patients must be reapproved pay an application fee again.

Delaware Medical Marijuana Legalization: Next Steps

The path for Delaware marijuana legalization began in 2011 after Senate Bill 17 (SB17) was signed into law authorizing medical marijuana and a state-regulated Delaware medical marijuana dispensary or compassion center. Most recently, on June 27, 2018, the Delaware House of Representatives voted 21-25 (with 5 representatives not voting) on whether to legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana for adults beyond medicinal use.

The attempt to pass extended Delaware marijuana legalization bills fell short. Delaware requires a three-fifths supermajority or 25 votes to pass any bills that include taxes and fees. With the vote being 21-25, SB17 received majority approval but not a supermajority. The failed 2018 attempt for Delaware marijuana legalization was the third time the state legislative chamber voted to legalize and regulate marijuana. For now, the only thing certain in Delaware is CBD.

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

    Continuous exaggerated fear and worry for no real reason

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

    Intrusive and recurring thoughts (obsessions) marked with hard to control repetitive behaviors (compulsions)

  • Panic Disorder

    Episodes of intense fear accompanied by physical symptoms that may include chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, or abdominal distress

  • Social Phobia

    Excessive self-consciousness and fear in everyday social situations that inhibits someone from engaging with other people

  • Depression

    Disorder characterized by continual depressed mood or apathy towards in activities in life

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are among the most popular ways to consume CBD. Because edibles are small and easy to chew they can quickly and easily be added into a morning routine and taken as a supplement. For those that want to use CBD without having to deal with any “CBD taste” gummies are the way to go.

Medix CBD edibles come in many different forms. There are sour snakes, gummy bears, rainbow bites, sour gummy bears, and edible chews all infused with a wide range of fruit flavors like strawberry, lemon, lime, blueberry, and orange. Only 2-3 edibles a day should suffice.

CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures

CBD oil tinctures may be neck-in-neck with how popular CBD gummies. Similar to gummies, tinctures allows for users to control the CBD dosages they are receiving. Medix CBD sells tinctures in 1 ml dropper and comes in many different sizes and potency. The largest bottle is 4500 mg or 120 ml.

Tinctures are applied sublingually or placing the dropper below the tongue. By doing this, the CBD can be absorbed into the bloodstream easily due to the many tiny blood vessels or capillaries that reside below the tongue.

CBD Hemp Oil Creams

CBD oil creams are making waves in the health world as one of the leading pain relief products for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. CBD creams are beneficial for people who want want to take CBD orally and are only interested in targeting specific areas of their body.

Medix CBD pain creams or topicals come in two sizes, a 150 mg cream and 300 mg lotion. The cream is the perfect size for someone who wants to have the cream accessible on the go. Topicals are not just for pain use. They can also be added as a supplement in a consumers skincare routine.

Where to Buy CBD Hemp Oil in Delaware?

Compared to other states Delaware has fairly lax restrictions on CBD products by legally allowing up to 0.7% THC in CBD products. As a result, interested Delaware CBD users can buy CBD products anywhere. They are not restricted to state lines.

Medix CBD is a great store to purchase all things CBD products: vapes, hemp oil, creams, lotions, and gummies. Medix CBD’s motto is protecting the industry with quality and follows through on it. All CBD products in the company are rich and extracted from premium hemp, but more importantly, all products are 100% lab-tested to make sure everything is not only top-notch but safe for human consumption.

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