Montana Medical Marijuana & CBD Oil – Is It Legal?

The CBD Montana customers are buying is contributing to a nationwide trend occurring in the United States. CBD has become popular due to its wide potential to heal. Researchers believe that CBD can help alleviate symptoms in illnesses like depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and cancer. Despite it’s growing popularity, there is still a lot of grey areas and confusion surrounding what exactly CBD is and its use. For instance, is CBD legal in Montana and what about Montana medical marijuana use? How does marijuana differ from CBD? All of these questions will get answered below. 

What Is CBD? What’s The Buzz

If you are CBD Montanauser than you probably know what CBD is. If you don’t know there is no need to worry. CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that was discovered in 1940 in the cannabis sativa plant. According to research published in the US National Library of Medicine/ National Institutes of Health, CBD accounts for nearly 40% of cannabis sativa extracts.

CBD is non-psychoactive and one of the 113 or so cannabinoids found in cannabis. Another well-known cannabinoid is THC, ortetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the psychoactive component that causes the sensation of being “high” in users. It is most commonly associated with marijuana. When usingCBD, Montana residentsdo not need to concern themselves about the drug use showing up on drug tests or affect their day-to-day life for the negative.

Hemp Vs. Marijuana

What’s The Difference?

Knowing the difference between hemp and marijuana is extremely important for a CBD Montana user. Many people incorrectly use marijuana and hemp synonymously. Hemp and marijuana are different in how they are grown, how they look, taste, smell, and even in their functions. For example, marijuana can be used only recreationally or medicinally but hemp can be used beyond that. Hemp is used in a wide variety of industrial application in which marijuana cannot be used. For instance, hemp can be processed into fibers for clothes, canvas for ships, and as ropes and straws.

When purchasing CBD, Montana residents should pay close attention if they are purchasing hemp CBD or marijuana CBD. CBD oil can be derived from either plant. CBD-hemp oil has high levels of CBD and does not get you “high,” marijuana is the opposite. It has higher levels of THC and can cause psychoactive effects.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Montana?

For those wondering “is CBD oil legal in Montana?” need only to look at the 2018 Farm Bill for an answer. The 2018 Farm Bill signed by President Donald Trump legalized industrial hemp by removing it from the Controlled Substance Act which classified it as marijuana.

Per the bill, hemp can be cultivated and produced as long as it’s kept below 0.3% THC. As mentioned before CBD oil can be derived from either hemp or marijuana. So, is CBD legal in Montana? Yes. Just make sure the CBD is derived from hemp.

Medical Marijuana Card: Montana

A medical marijuana card or MMC is a form of identification that legally validates someone ability to purchase marijuana for medicinal use. Without a card, a patient cannot legally purchase marijuana. According to the rules laid out under Montana Medical Marijuana program, in order to obtain a medical marijuana card, Montana residents need to show proof of residency, fill out an application form, pay an application fee, and have an approved marijuana doctor state that they have a qualifying condition.

Despite the legalization of medical marijuana obtaining a card in the state has been difficult due to restrictions that legislatures have put throughout the years on qualifying conditions and who can obtain a card. In fact, MMcardholders have dropped in the state by nearly 22,000 since its peak of 31,000 cardholders in May 2011.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Montana

Currently, 33 states have legalized medical marijuana. Ten of those states allow for recreational use of marijuana, unfortunately, Montana is not one of the recreational-approved states. In order to legally obtain marijuana, residents must go to one of the approved medical marijuana dispensaries in Montana. If not purchased in a dispensary, residents can face jail-time and fines. 

To see the exact locations ofmedical marijuana dispensaries in Montana, it is recommended that users go to Pot Guide, an online guide that lists out dispensaries close by. All residents need to do is select their city and Pot Guide will list out if there are any medical marijuana dispensaries there. Currently, the city with the most medical marijuana dispensaries in Montana is Missoula which holds 35 dispensaries. Bozeman comes in second with 20 dispensaries.

  • Depression

    Feelings of despair and sorrow

  • Social Phobia

    Excessive self-consciousness and fear of being negatively judged during social interactions

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

    Uncontrollable and recurring thoughts and habits

  • Panic Disorder

    Anxiety disorder that causes people to experience “attacks” that are marked by physical symptoms such as chest restriction and vomiting

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

    Mental health disorder that causes anxiety, fear, and stress without reason

CBD Edibles

For those who want to consume CBD as a tasty treat, edibles are the way to go! Edibles have come along way since their 60s stereotypes of pot-brownies. CBD edibles are versatile and often sold in chewable, bite-size gummies. What’s great about edibles is its effects are slow and steady and are good for people wanting to feel the effects of CBD throughout the day rather than all at once.

Medix CBD carries CBD edibles infused with many different natural-tasting fruit flavors like orange, blueberry, strawberry, lime, and lemon that range from sour to sweet. If you want to eat a sour snake, you can. If you want to eat a cute gummy bear, you can. If you want a fruit gummy, there’s a Medix CBD edible for that too!

CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures

CBD hemp oil tinctures are extremely popular because tinctures allow users to have complete control over CBD dosage. Since most tinctures come equipped with a dropper, users can easily measure out how much oil they want and mix it into food or beverages.

Medix CBD hemp oil tinctures are one of the kind. With premium hemp grown using organic farming methods in the beautiful farm fields of Kentucky, Medix CBD offers tinctures that are all natural, vegan, gluten-free, and THC-free.

CBD Hemp Oil Creams

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or The CDC chronic pain is reported as one of the top reasons adults seek medical care. People who suffer from chronic pain don’t just feel hurt, they often suffer from restrictions and mobility and difficulting completing day-to-day tasks. Chronic pain can lead to a dependence on painkillers, anxiety, depression, and poor perceived health or reduced quality of life.

Good thing CBD topicals are making waves around the market. CBD topicals are becoming one of the most leading pain relief products because it allows users to target specific areas of their bodies. Medix CBD has two topicals: a 150 mg cream and a 300 mg lotion that people may choose on. Both topicals rub on easily and smoothly meaning a little amount will go a long way!

Where to Buy CBD Hemp Oil in Montana?

Figuring out where to buy CBD in Montana can be hard. With the legalization of hemp, CBD oil stores have popped up very rapidly making absurd remarks like CBD will cure cancer. Though CBD has many health benefits, companies that suggest it is a cure are dishonest and should not be trusted. Things to look for in a CBD vendor are quality and safety.

Medix CBD is a good store to buy all things CBD oil, gummies, vapes, and more. Medixextracts its oils from premium hemp that is cultivated using organic farming methods. All products are being continuously lab-tested which not only ensures consumer safety but also ensures that only the highest quality product.

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