CBD Oil & Medical Marijuana: Minnesota

Minnesota is a land of many beauties, both natural and commercial. In a state known for having over 10,000 lakes and where the Mississippi River starts its flow, Minnesota is also famous for the Mall of America, a mall large enough to fit seven Yankee stadiums inside it. And now maybe “Minnesota CBD” may be a highlight of the state. When it comes to Minnesota CBD usage, there are many things to consider. For instance, what is CBD and is CBD legal in Minnesota? Even questions about medical marijuana in Minnesota come into play. How does marijuana differ from CBD? All of these questions and more will be answered.

What Is CBD? What’s The Buzz

Before Minnesota CBD user buys CBD, there should be informed what CBD is first. CBD or cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid found in cannabis. Phytocannabinoid is just a fancy way to say naturally occurring cannabinoid. This means CBD is not artificially created in a lab. Another popular cannabinoid of the cannabis plant is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC is the psychoactive or mind-altering component found in marijuana. When users describe feeling “high” while consuming marijuana, THC is to blame. CBD has become increasingly popular in health and wellness spears for its various medical benefits. Many researchers believe CBD can help ease symptoms in ailments like depression, anxiety, and even fibromyalgia and HIV.

Hemp Vs. Marijuana

What’s The Difference?

To many consumers hemp and marijuana have little difference, in fact many people use the two words synonymously. Potential Minnesota CBD buyers should know the difference between the two because CBD oil can be derived from hemp or marijuana.

Marijuana has broad leaves, dense buds and has a short, bushy appearance. Hemp, on the other hand, has skinny leaves and grows more narrow at the top. While marijuana needs very specific and controlled environments to grow; hemp is more free and can grow anywhere with a decent climate. 

Similar to how the marijuana’s climate is very specific and restrained so too are the ways in which you can consume marijuana. Marijuana can only be used recreationally or medicinally. Hemp; however, can be used not only medicinally but also industrially. Hemp has a long history within human civilization extending all the way back to ancient China when it was used to make paper. Today hemp is still  used to make ropes for ships, clothing, and art.

Now finally, the most important distinction for Minnesota CBD buyers: CBD derived from marijuana and CBD derived from hemp. CBD hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds. It contains high amounts of CBD and minuscule traces of THC. The traces of THC in CBD oil are so low that users never need to worry about it showing up on a drug test. CBD oil derived from marijuana come from extracting oil from the plant’s flowers and contains high levels of THC.

Is CBD oil legal in Minnesota?

When writing about the legalities of CBD in any state, it is crucial to reference the 2018 Farm Bill. The Farm Bills are important for two major reasons. It legalized hemp production and cultivation within the states as long as the hemp being produced and cultivated contained less than 0.3% THC. It also removed hemp from being classified as marijuana in the Controlled Substance Act.

By doing these two things, by default, CBD oil derived from hemp became legal. So to the question “is CBD legal in Minnesota?” the answer is yes. Just make sure that as Minnesota CBD buyer, the CBD you are purchasing contains less than 0.3% THC.

  • Panic Disorder

    Sudden feelings of terror that happen unprovoked alongside physical symptoms of “panic” like heart palpitations, nausea, and hyperventilation

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

    Disorder that causes people to have obsessive thoughts and repetitive patterns of behaviors

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

    Recurring stress and fear for no particular reason

  • Social Phobia

    An intense fear of being rejected when interacting and socializing

  • Depression

    A prolonged feeling of intense despair and sorrow

Medical Marijuana Minnesota: Next Steps

In 2014, there were 16 states that had pending legislation or ballot measures regarding medical marijuana. These states included Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and, of course, Minnesota. This was in addition to states that had already previously passed their own measures like California, Colorado and Washington.

As mentioned prior, thanks to the 2014Minnesota Medical Marijuana Act medical marijuana was made legal in the state. When discussing the next steps for marijuana legislation in Minnesota the conversation is not about decriminalizing marijuana in it’s entirely. This means making marijuana possession like possessing alcohol and allow for the production, distribution, taxation, and sale of marijuana for recreational use.

With 10 states already allowing for the recreational use and sale marijuana including the state capital District of Columbia, it will be no time before a green wave sweeps the states completely. In the meantime Minnesota residents are encouraged to call or write to their state representatives vocalizing their support of recreational marijuana.

CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures

CBD hemp oil tinctures are the most straight-forward way to take CBD. Medix CBD offers a range of easy-to-use CBD oils that come in different sizes and potency. The oils offer a very natural taste and have generated positive reviews from thousands of patients nationwide.

The CBD oil tinctures are an efficient way control how much CBD you are taking because of the convenience of the bottle. Each Medix CBD oil includes a 1 mL dropper that allows you to know the exact CBD content in each dose. The Medix CBD team is committed to customer satisfaction and are happy to help with any questions one may have.

CBD Edibles

For those that aren’t particularly interested in the tinctures ,CBD edibles are a perfect way to get your CBD fix. CBD edibles provide the option to get your CBD intake in the most delicious form possible. You just can’t go wrong with this option because they literally taste like candy!

With the variety of great-tasting gummies and fruit chews that Medix CBD offers, you will find yourself stuck trying to decide which product is your favorite. Just 2-3 edibles a day and you can feel the difference that CBD brings to the table.

CBD Hemp Oil Creams

Chronic pain is an issue that affects millions of people in the United States every day. Experiencing pain is something that no one wants to deal with, meaning people are always in search of some sort of relief. CBD hemp oil creams are becoming increasingly popular because studies show that they contain natural anti-inflammatory properties that help with joint pain, muscles aches, and much more.

Medix CBD provides the perfect hemp oil cream for your pain. 40% stronger than most other pain creams on the market, Medix CBD cream allows the user to feel almost immediate pain relief. This cream can be applied directly to the affected area and works for all skin types. Once you try our CBD cream, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner!

How to get CBD oil in Minnesota

Though CBD oil is one of the most common forms of consumption, CBD can be taken in many ways. It can ingested in edible forms like gummies. It can be applied externally as a lotion or cream. It can be sniffed as a spray or taken as a vape. CBD can even be given to pets in tinctures.

When looking for a seller, Minnesota CBD users should look for two things: quality and safety. Medix CBD sells premium quality CBD extracted from hemp plants grown using organic farming methods in the beautiful state of Kentucky. In addition to being top quality, all Medix CBD products are100% lab-tested ensuring consumer safety.

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