About Medix CBD

Medix CBD is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality hemp topicals, tinctures, edibles based out of Miami, Florida.

About Us

We have spent several years conducting research to understand how and why CBD works. All our products are produced in clean, modern facilities, every ingredient is lab-tested, and our local hemp source comes from the beautiful state of Kentucky. It is our mission to protect the CBD industry by only providing the highest quality.

We’ve worked with other brands and have witnessed their success and contribution to the world, and now our purpose is to provide an even better product to share with the world. We are ready and we are reliable. Whether it’s a small order or a store order, we can and we will fulfill your needs.

CBD provides pain relief with no side effects. Can you say that about prescription drugs? At Medix, we want to change the way people view natural medicine and show them that harsh chemicals don’t have to be the answer.

Safe And Legal

Our products are legal across all fifty states, USA-made, and produced with federally-legal Cannabidiol (CBD).

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Our Process


Raw Materials

Our hemp is harvested from the finest farms in the beautiful state of Kentucky. At Medix, quality matters to us. That’s why all of our products are chemical-free. We conduct extensive lab tests to ensure that every ingredient is 100% pure. Our CBD is extracted only from the finest hemp cultivations ensuring a superior quality.



Our CBD products are manufactured in the most modern facilities with a dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. We have a trusted team who are passionate about sharing CBD with the world. From process to packaging, we have a streamlined system and clean production protocol to serve our customers 24/7.



We are fast, efficient, and always reliable. Our dedicated team processes orders on a day-to-day basis. Whether you have a personal order or a store order, we can—and we will—fulfill your needs promptly and thoroughly. We proudly distribute to stores nationwide and our products are available in all fifty states.


Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, you’re in good hands. We have a dedicated agent to every wholesale account, so your needs will always be met. We sincerely care about the happiness of each and every customer. It’s our goal to provide an experience that will leave people feeling supported and satisfied.

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